Conference Programme 2017

8th International Scientific Conference ‘Rural Development 2017: Bioeconomy Challenges‘.

Thursday, 23th November
8.00–9.00Registration of Participants
9.00–13.00Plenary Session
 9.00–9.30Welcome speech
Rector prof. dr. Antanas Maziliauskas
Minister of Agriculture Mr. Bronius Markauskas
Partners of the conference
 9.30–10.00Lithuanian Bioeconomy Development: Profile and Strategical Guidelines
Prof. dr. Vlada Vitunskienė, Prof dr. Vilija Aleknevičienė (Lithuania)
 10.00–10.30Multifunctional Land Use and Decision Making for Sustainable Rural Development
Prof. dr. Vida Malienė (United Kingdom)
 10.30–11.00Growth Performance and Management in Mixed Stands
Prof. habil dr. Heinz Röhle (Germany)
 11.00–11.30Coffee break
 11.30–12.00Diverse business governance models: Co-Opetitive and Collaborative, Fitness for Purpose
Prof. habil. dr. Jane Eastham (United Kingdom)
 12.00–12.30Crop Pollination: An Important Input in Agriculture
Prof. dr. Koos Biesmeijer (The Netherlands)
 12.30–13.00The Horizon 2020 Work Programme 2018-2020 in the Bioeconomy Domain
José Ruiz Espi (Belgium)
14.30–17.00Political Forum “Bioeconomy for Rural Areas Development”
18.00Gala Dinner
Friday, 24th November
8.30–13.00Parallel Sessions 
9.00–11.00Internal meeting of Baltic Sea Network for European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (BSN-EAFRD)
10.30–13.00MITA session „Horizon 2020: Insights into the new Societal Challenge 2 work programme 2018-2020“
14.00–15.30Final Plenary Session



16.00-18.00Kaunas City Tour